Tomsk State University

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Tomsk State University
Томский государственный университет
Главный корпус ТГУ.jpg
Main building
Established 1880
President Georgy V. Mayer
Rector Dr. Eduard V. Galazhinsky
Location Tomsk, Russia
Coordinates: 56°28′10″N 84°56′51″E / 56.4694°N 84.9475°E / 56.4694; 84.9475
Former names the First Siberian Imperial University in Tomsk

Tomsk State University, TSU (Russian: Томский государственный университет). Total official nomination: Leading National Research Tomsk State University. TSU is the oldest university in the Russian Asia, in Siberia, which was founded in 1880 in Tomsk, Russia. It was the First Siberian Imperial University.

TSU opened in 1888 with only one department, the medical faculty, separated in 1930, and being now Siberian State Medical University.

Today, there are 23 departments with 23,000 students. There is one of Russian-39, who have status National research university (2910) and top-15 Russian Leading universities (since July, 2013). Tomsk State University (TSU), the European Academy of Informatisation- EAI, created according to the Royal Decree in Belgium, World Information Distributed University (WIDU)- Switzerland, Russian Ecological Fund TechEco (in the further statement- parties) highly estimate the educational program Scientific bases and methods of carrying out of independent expert appraisals and note that it is valid independent expert appraisals in various areas of human activity and consider that it is necessary to promote the introduction of this new speciality and the program <<the Independent expert appraisal (including for Court of Justice) and Researches>> in universities of the Europe and America. The licenses for educational activity are received from the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Russian Federation (Order 2287 dated 06.12.2005, the order 1357 dated 18.05.2006) with delivery of the diploma of the state sample about the second higher education.Created branch TSUAB-WIDU-EechEco and gave affiliation to New Port University CED of Latvia.

Main building
Scientific library


Department of Founded in
Mechanics and Mathematics 1948
Physics 1948
Radiophysics 1953
Physics and Engineering 1963
Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics 1970
Computer Studies 1986
Biology and Soil Science 1932
Geology and Geography 1933
Chemistry 1932
International Department of Agriculture and Ecology 1994
History 1917
Philology 1917
Philosophy 1987
Foreign Languages 1995
Arts and Culture 1994
Economics 1963
Law School 1897
Psychology 1997
International Department of Management 1992
Business School 1991
Military Education 1926
Journalism 2004

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