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Tone Norum (born on 18 September 1965 in Norway) is a Swedish pop singer who gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s.[1] She is the younger sister of John Norum, the legendary guitarist from the rock band Europe.


Her debut album, One of a Kind, was released in 1986. It was written and produced by Europe vocalist Joey Tempest, featured guest appearances by Europe members John Norum, Ian Haugland and Mic Michaeli, and included hits like "Stranded" and "Can't You Stay?". Her second album, This Time, featured another hit, the duet "Allt som jag känner" with Tommy Nilsson, and a guest appearance by Yngwie Malmsteen on the song "Point of no Return". Her 1990 album "Red" was produced by her then husband/musician/producer Max Lorentz. Norum's 1992 hit, "Don't Turn Around" was a cover of the Tina Turner song.


  • One of a Kind (1986)
  • This Time (1988)
  • Red (1990)
  • Don't Turn Around (1992)
  • Stepping Out (1996)