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For other uses, see Tonga language (disambiguation).
Mos Tean-ean
Native to Malaysia, Thailand
Ethnicity 300 (2000)
Native speakers
200  (2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 tnz
Glottolog tong1308[2]

Mos, or Tonga, is an aboriginal Mon–Khmer language of Malaya and Thailand. It also goes by the name Mos in Thailand, which it shares with Kensiu in Thailand, and Mos Tean-ean.

According to Benjamin (2011), Maniq (Məniʔ, Maniʔ) can refer to the following three or more speech varieties.

  • Tonga' (Toŋaʔ)
  • Mos (Mɔs)
  • Teanean (Ten'en, Tɛnʔɛn, Tean-ean)

This is another name shared with Kensiu.


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