Tongan Ninja

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Tongan Ninja
Tongan Ninja VideoCover.jpeg
Directed by Jason Stutter
Produced by Andrew Calder & Jason Stutter
Written by Jemaine Clement and Jason Stutter
Starring Sam Manu
Jemaine Clement
Lisa Tseng
Raybon Kan
David Fane
Victor Rodger
Music by Plan 9
Jemaine Clement
Bret McKenzie
Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment (USA)
High Fliers Distribution (UK)
Magna Pacific (AUS & NZ)
Showtime Australia (Australia)
Wild Pictures and Wild Side Vidéo (France)
Release dates
North America:
2 November 2002
18 January 2006
Running time
83 min.
Country New Zealand
Language English
Budget NZ$80,000

Tongan Ninja is a 2002 full length kung-fu action-comedy directed by Jason Stutter and filmed in New Zealand. The film has received recent notoriety for co-starring and being co-written by Jemaine Clement, star of the HBO comedy Flight of the Conchords. The movie is a parody of English-dubbed martial arts films, with a few other popular films and the plot is taken from Way of the Dragon. It also features songs written by Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie - also from the Flight of the Conchords.


A young child is stranded in Tonga when his plane crashes and his father is eaten by a fish. He trains in a dojo till he becomes the Tongan Ninja. The Tongan Ninja is dispatched to the island nation of New Zealand in order to help a brother of his master with his floundering Chinese restaurant. But the mysterious Mister Big stands in the eatery's way as he sends numerous villains such as Knife Man, Gun Man, and the super-sexy Action Fighter who may know a lot about the hero.


  • Sam Manu ... Tongan Ninja (Sione Finau)
  • Jemaine Clement ... Action Fighter (Marvin)
  • Linda Tseng ... Miss Lee
  • Raybon Kan ... Asian Sidekick
  • David Fane ... Herman the Henchman
  • Victor Rodger ... Mr. Big
  • Charley Murphy Samau ... Tongan Ninja Child
  • Brett Ormsby ... Chang the waiter
  • Marty Pine ... Wong
  • Tana Umaga ... Famous rugby player


The special features section includes a making of segment including commentary by director and cameos by famous New Zealand directors Peter Jackson and Andrew Adamson.

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