Tonstad Hydroelectric Power Station

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Tonstad Power Station
Tonstad Kraftverk.JPG
Location Vest-Agder, Norway
Coordinates 58°39′33″N 6°43′01″E / 58.65917°N 6.71694°E / 58.65917; 6.71694Coordinates: 58°39′33″N 6°43′01″E / 58.65917°N 6.71694°E / 58.65917; 6.71694
Commission date 1968,1971,1988
Owner(s) Sira-Kvina Kraftselskap
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Hydroelectricity
Power generation
Units operational francis
Nameplate capacity 960 MW

Tonstad Power Station is a hydroelectric power station located near the lake Sirdalsvatnet in Vest-Agder, Norway.

It has a total installed capacity of 960 MW, with 4 units each 160 MW and one unit at 320 MW, all equipped with francis turbines. With an annual production of approximately 3,800 GWh, it is the largest power station in Norway with respect to annual production (per 2006). The powerstation utilises the waterfalls in the Sira and the Kvina riversystem, with a total head of 440 m. Application for concession for an expansion with an additional 960 MW (pumped storage) was sent in 2008. The application is still pending. [1]


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