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For the Australian politician, who is also an author, see Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott (born 1952) is an American author of children's books. His most popular work is the book series The Secrets of Droon, which includes over 40 books. He has sold over 12 million copies of his books and they have been translated into several other languages, including Italian, Spanish, Korean, French, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, and Russian.[1] He has also written the bestseller "Firegirl".

Abbott was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1952. His father was a university professor and had an extensive library of books which became one of Abbott's first sources of literature. When he was eight years old, his family moved to Connecticut where he went through elementary school and high school.

Abbott attended the University of Connecticut, and after studying both music and psychology, decided to study English and graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor's degree in English literature. He attended the workshops of Patricia Reilly Giff to further develop his writing after college.[2]

Abbott currently lives in Trumbull, Connecticut, with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs. Tony had one brother and two sisters.


Mr. Abbott has written over forty books including:[3]

Danger Guys series[edit]

  1. Danger Guys (1994)
  2. Danger Guys Blast Off (1994)
  3. Danger Guys: Hollywood Halloween
  4. Danger Guys Hit the Beach (1995)
  5. Danger Guys On Ice (1995)
  6. Danger Guys and the Golden Lizard (1996)

The Weird Zone series[edit]

  1. Zombie Surf Commandos from Mars! (1996)
  2. Incredible Shrinking Kids! (1996)
  3. The Beast From Beneath the Cafeteria! (1996)
  4. Attack of the Alien Mole Invaders! (1996)
  5. The Brain that Wouldn't Obey! (1997)
  6. Gigantopus from Planet X! (1997)
  7. Cosmic Boy Versus Mezmo Head! (1997)
  8. Revenge of the Tiki Men! (1997)

Cracked Classics series[edit]

  1. Trapped in Transylvania: Dracula (2002)
  2. Mississippi River Blues: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (2002)
  3. What a Trip! Around the World in Eighty Days (2002)
  4. Humbug Holiday: A Christmas Carol (2002)
  5. X Marks the Spot: Treasure Island (2002)
  6. Crushing on a Capulet: Romeo and Juliet (2003)

The Haunting of Derek Stone series[edit]

Secrets of Droon series[edit]

  1. The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet (Scholastic/June 1999)
  2. Journey to the Volcano Palace (Scholastic/June 1999)
  3. The Mysterious Island (Scholastic/August 1999)
  4. City of the Clouds (Scholastic/October 1999)
  5. The Great Ice Battle (Scholastic/December 1999)
  6. The Sleeping Giant of Goll (Scholastic/February 2000)
  7. Into the Land of the Lost(Scholastic/April 2000)
  8. The Golden Wasp (Scholastic/June 2000)
  9. The Tower of the Elf King
  10. Quest For the Queen
  11. The Hawk Bandits of Tarkoom
  12. Under the Serpent Sea
  13. The Mask of Maliban
  14. Voyage of the Jaffa Wind
  15. The Moon Scroll
  16. The Knights of Silversnow
  17. Dream Thief
  18. Search for the Dragon Ship
  19. The Coiled Viper
  20. In the Ice Caves of Krog
  21. Flight of the Genie
  22. The Isle of Mists
  23. The Fortress of the Treasure Queen 2013
  24. The Race to Doobesh
  25. The Riddle of Zorfendorf Castle
  26. The Moon Dragon
  27. The Chariot of Queen Zara
  28. In The Shadow of Goll
  29. Pirates of the Purple Dawn
  30. Escape from Jabar-Loo
  31. Queen of Shadowthorne
  32. The Treasure of the Orkins
  33. Flight of the Blue Serpent
  34. In the City of Dreams
  35. The Lost Empire of Koomba
  36. Knights of the Ruby Wand

Special Editions:

  1. The Magic Escapes
  2. Wizard or Witch
  3. Voyagers of the Silver Sand
  4. Sorcerer
  5. Moon Magic
  6. Crown of Wizards
  7. The Genie King
  8. The Final Quest

Non-series works[edit]

  • The Postcard (2009)
  • Lunch-box Dream (2011)
  • Kringle (2005)
  • Firegirl (2008)

UnderWorlds Series[edit]

  1. The Battle Begins (Scholastic 2011/Amazon 2012)[4]
  2. When Monsters Escape (Scholastic 2012/Amazon 2012)[5]
  3. Revenge of the Scorpion King (Scholastic/August 2012)
  4. The Ice Dragon (Scholastic/December 2012)


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