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Tony Cuesta (13 June 1926 — 2 December 1992) was an anti-Castro Cuban activist.


Cuesta was educated at the University of Havana. Initially a member of the 26th of July Movement and a close supporter of Fidel Castro, Cuesta in 1960 defected to the United States, and in 1961 was one of the founders of the anti-Communist paramilitary organization Alpha 66. He later set up the guerilla group "Comandos L" (the L standing for Libertad) which operated out of Anguilla and, under his command, in 1963 sank the Soviet freighter Baku in Caibarién Harbour.

In 1966 Cuesta was captured in Cuba, in a skirmish that cost him a hand and his eyesight. He remained in prison there until 1978. After his release he returned to Miami, and refounded Comandos L.

He died in Miami on 2 December 1992. He was married four times.