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Anthony Robert Greaves, Baron Greaves (born 27 July 1942) is a UK politician. He is a Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords.

Greaves was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England and attended Hertford College, Oxford where he obtained a BA in Geography[1][2] after schooling at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield. After moving to the north-west, he was a member of Lancashire County Council for 25 years, and a local councillor on Colne Borough Council and subsequently on Pendle Borough Council, on which he still retains his seat.

Greaves was made a life peer 4 May 2000 as Baron Greaves, of Pendle in the County of Lancashire.[3] He is an advocate of social liberalism, and is on record opposing some of the reforms to his party brought about by Sir Menzies Campbell and Nick Clegg.

In 2010, Greaves went on the record to express his personal frustration at the auction of a manorial title, the Lordship of Pendle, suspiciously close to his own.[4] Greaves' concerns were later shown to be legitimate when it transpired that the Lordship of the Forest of Pendle belongs to the Barons Clitheroe and forms part of the Honor of Clitheroe holdings they have held since World War II. Its sale was invalid and had not been authorised by its owners.

Tony Greaves is married with two daughters, one of whom was a candidate in the Preston City Council elections in 2006.


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