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Tony Rohr (born 1940) is a British actor.[1] [2]


Rohr played Granddad in The Lakes, Solomon Featherstone in Middlemarch, he has also been in The Bill, The Long Good Friday, McVicar, Softly, Softly, Crown Court, Casualty, Lovejoy, I Hired a Contract Killer, Cracker, The Vet, Father Ted, Waking the Dead, Hustle and Inspector George Gently. He played the father in the 2010 film Leap Year. He played the IRA Brigade Commander in Yorkshire TV's Harry's Game. He recently played Anthony, the estranged father of the title character, Derek, in the series of the same name written and directed by Ricky Gervais. They are reunited in the climatic final scenes of the series, showing Gervais' character's capacity for kindness and forgiveness.

Personal life[edit]

He has a daughter Louise with the actress Pauline Collins. Pauline gave Louise up for adoption when Pauline was 23 years old and was a penniless, single mother. The pair were reunited 22 years later. Pauline's book, Letter To Louise, documents these events.


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