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Tony Silva also known as Antonio H. Silva (born 1960 in Cuba) is an aviculturist and breeder, and the author of books and articles about parrots. From April 1989 until early 1993, he was curator of birds at Loro Parque, Tenerife, Canary Islands, the largest parrot park.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Silva, T., & B. Kotlar (1981). Breeding Lovebirds. TFH Publications. ISBN 0-87666-831-7
  • Silva, T., & B. Korlar (1982). Discus. TFH Publications. ISBN 9780866227698
  • Silva, T., & B. Kotlar (1989). Conures. TFH Publications. ISBN 0-86622-739-3
  • Silva, T. (1989). A Monograph of Endangered Parrots. Silvio Mattachione. ISBN 0-9692640-4-6
  • Silva, T. (1991). Psittaculture: The Breeding, Rearing and Management of Parrots. Silvio Mattacchione. ISBN 0-9504165-2-5
  • Silva, T. (1993). A Monograph Of Macaws and Conures. Silvio Mattacchione. ISBN 1-895270-01-4