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For the pianist, see Tony Yike Yang.
Tony Yang
Chinese name 楊祐寧 (traditional)
Born (1982-08-30) August 30, 1982 (age 32)
Years active 2004–present

Tony Yang (Chinese: 楊祐寧; pinyin: Yáng Yòuníng; Cantonese Yale: Yeung Yau Ning; born 30 August 1982, in Taiwan) is a Taiwanese film actor famous for his work in Hong Kong.


Title Role Year and Broadcast Channel
My Fair Girl:100% Girl Da Zhi (大智) 2001 (CTV)
Ugly Girl Transformation Shou Hwa (少華) 2002 (CTS)
U-Touch Dorm No. 4 Hsu Hao (徐浩) 2003 (CTS)
Crystal Boys Zhao Ying (趙英) 2003 (PTS)
Heartbeat Train A Huang (阿晃) 2003(TTV)
Mascara Jerry 2003 (PTS)
Orange Frangrance Meng Shiao Po (孟曉波) 2003 (GTV)
Formula 17 Zhou Tian Cai (周天財) 2004 (Movie)
My Pet Husband Gary 2004 (ETTV)
Seventeenth Winter 3 Melancholy Teenager 2004 (Short Clip)
Dream in Hawaii A Zhou (阿洲) 2004 (Movie)
Any Kinds of Romance is OK A Gao (阿告) 2005 (Movie)
Holy Ridge Zhao Guang (趙光) 2006 (CTS)
Catch Wu Le Zhi(吳樂極).Wu Hwai-Yi(吳懷一) 2006 (Movie)
Ming Ming A Tu (阿土) 2007 (Movie)
Blood Brothers Shiao Hu (小虎) 2007 (Movie)
Snowfall in Taipei 2009 (Movie)
Au Revoir Taipei Lei Meng (雷蒙) 2010 (Movie)
In Case of Love 2010 (Movie)
Tempest of First Love 2010 (Movie)
Ni Yada 2010
Love on Credit 2011
Introduction of the Princess 2011
Love Forward Du Tian Ze 2012 (SETTV)
Ex-Boyfriend Lai Zhi Ming 2012
The Next Magic 2012
Wishing for Happiness 2012
Finding Love 2012
David Loman 2013
Zone Pro Site 2013
The Crossing 2014
The House That Never Dies 2014
The Queens Tony 2015
Where the Wind Settles 2015

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