Tooheys Extra Dry

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Tooheys Extra Dry
Advertising image of TED bottle
Manufacturer Tooheys - Kirin
Alcohol by volume 4.6%
Style Lager

Tooheys Extra Dry, commonly referred to as a TED (Tooheys Extra Dry), is a dry style lager brewed by Lion in the Tooheys Brewery at Lidcombe, New South Wales, Australia. Lion has been owned by Japanese conglomerate Kirin Holdings Company Limited since 2009.


Tooheys Extra Dry is sold throughout Australia, though only available in bottles (345ml and 696ml) until late 2005 when it began to be sold on tap.

It is the 5th most popular beer in Australia, by volume sold.

In May 2006, Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum, a beer with increased alcohol content of 5.2%, was launched, with the first shipment selling out in days. It is sold in 8-packs as opposed to the traditional 6-packs most bottled beers are packaged in. In August 2009, Tooheys launched a cider, 5 Seeds in response to the growing cider market in Australia. 5 Seeds is a medium cider, available in 3 flavours (Apple, Sour, and Pear) and is famous for its tangy apple characteristics in both the aroma and flavour.


Tooheys Extra Dry is well known throughout Australia due to obscure television advertisements which include a walking tongue, fighting whitegoods, a farmer who clones himself, some cool-cats chasing a box of TED's, and the nocturnal migration of the Tooheys stag.

In 2013, Tooheys Extra Dry launched Repay Your Mouth, a campaign encouraging drinkers to repay their mouth for prior abuses, highlighting the ‘Crisp Clean Taste’ of TED. Examples of ‘mouth abuse’ include kissing a dog, lying to your girlfriend, laughing at your boss’ unfunny jokes, and ignoring the 3 second rule.


Continuing TED’s history of sponsoring major events, it has been confirmed that in 2014, TED will be sponsoring events around Australia, including Surfest, Bluesfest Byron Bay, Rip Curl Pro, Nitro Circus, Spartan Race, and Tough Mudder.

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