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Soundtrack album by Toomorrow
Released 1970
Recorded 1970
Genre Soundtrack

RCA Records

Producer =
Olivia Newton-John chronology
If Not for You

Toomorrow is the soundtrack from the 1970 film,[1] featuring the band Toomorrow with Australian singer Olivia Newton-John (her first major release album). The film was a sci-fi musical mix directed by Val Guest and was Newton-John's second movie. It was Don Kirshner's less successful follow up to his fictitious musical group creation, The Monkees.[2]

Band members of the band Toomorrow were Olivia Newton-John (vocals),[3] Karl Chambers (drums), Ben Thomas (guitar, vocals) and Vic Cooper (organ, piano, saxophone, guitar, recorder).[4]

According to Newton-John's biographer Tim Ewbank, Bruce Welch tried to rescue this album by bringing in new, but well established British songwriters, to reconstruct a mk2 version of this album. Due to the knock on affect this would have had on the film version, requiring substantial and costly re-filming this idea was shelved. One 7" single with picture sleeve was taken from this album on RCA Records. Later on, a more commercial non-album follow up single by Toomorrow was recorded by this band on Decca Records, which was produced by Bruce Welch.[citation needed]


  • "You're My Baby Now" (also 7" single).
  • "Taking Our Own Sweet Time"
  • "Toomorrow" (instrumental)
  • "Let's Move On"
  • "Walking on Air" (instrumental)
  • "If You Can't Be Hurt"
  • "Toomorrow"
  • "Walking on Air"
  • "Spaceport"
  • "Happiness Valley"
  • "Let's Move On" (instrumental)
  • "Going Back"[5]

2014 Release on Compact Disc[edit]

The TOOMORROW Lp, released in 1970 on RCA Records, was never re-released on any format since its original 33-1/3 vinyl Lp release. However, it is slated for its first-ever release on standard audio CD (compact disc) on February 4, 2014, by Ohio-based label REAL GONE MUSIC. (As of this writing on January 5, 2014, details of the forthcoming CD release can be found on the REAL GONE MUSIC website, The CD release will contain all 12 original tracks from the Lp. Note: Reportedly due to licensing conflicts with Decca Records, the CD will not contain the 2 separate songs from the non-album followup 7" single produced by Bruce Welch. However, fans will no doubt be pleased to finally have a chance to own the long-lost soundtrack album. According to some sources, REAL GONE MUSIC has had access to original analog TAPE masters; if that is true, this will not be a low-quality release copied from vinyl.


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