Top Gun Anthem

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"Top Gun Anthem"
Single by Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens
from the album Top Gun
Released 1986 (1986)
Format CD
Recorded 1985
Genre Instrumental rock, Glam Metal
Length 4:12
Label Columbia Records
Writer(s) Harold Faltermeyer
Producer(s) Harold Faltermeyer

"Top Gun Anthem" is an instrumental rock song composed by Harold Faltermeyer, and played on guitar by Steve Stevens. It was the theme for the 1986 film Top Gun. A variant of the song without the electric guitar is played at the introduction when an F-14 Tomcat is being prepared to takeoff from the aircraft carrier. After the F-14's engines are on full afterburners and the aircraft subsequently launches from the catapult, the music changes immediately to "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins. Then in the ending scene, the full anthem was played.

"Top Gun Anthem" won a 1987 Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance. The song's music video, directed by Dominic Sena, shows Harold Faltermeyer playing the piano and Stevens on electric guitar in a hangar with naval aircraft. This video was re-released within the 2004 Top Gun Collector's Edition DVD.

The song was put together by composer Harold Faltermeyer, who was recording keyboard parts for Billy Idol's Whiplash Smile album. Harold asked Stevens to play guitar on the track. Stevens was shown a clip of the then untitled film, and agreed to play on the track because the film seemed like it would be a smash hit. A guitar track had already been laid on the demo that was given to Stevens. Stevens wanted to record his parts using one track, and avoid any overdubbing.[citation needed]

Stevens used a Hamer SS into an old plexi-front 100 watt Marshall to record his part. He also used a small Boss compressor pedal to add more sustain.[citation needed] There is only one guitar track throughout the entire piece, with the exception of the fade.

The song is available on both the original Top Gun soundtrack album and the expanded edition.

Other uses[edit]

The theme was played on an organ as an intro to "Don't Need a Gun" during Billy Idol's Whiplash Smile tour.

A similar tune was found in the 1988 Amiga flight simulator F/A-18 Interceptor.

Rapper T.I. sampled the guitar riff for his song "Big Things Poppin'."

On July 3, 2008, Activision released a free downloadable version of the "Top Gun Anthem" covered by Steve Ouimette for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.[1]


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