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The Top Model of the World is an international search for the ultimate model. The sought-after characteristics are: independence, talent and fashion consciousness. The event started in 1993 in Miami, organised by the Globana Group, now it is owned by World Beauty Organization.


Year Winner Country Venue
1993/1994 Francesca Bologna  Italy Miami, USA
1994/1995 Claudine Obert  France Miami, USA
1995/1996 Jacqueline Aguilera  Venezuela Moscow, Russia
1996/1997 Selinée Méndez  Dominican Republic Koblenz, Germany
1997/1998 Franzisca Schaub  Germany Legden, Germany
1998/1999 Michelle Khan  Trinidad and Tobago Magdeburg, Germany
1999/2000 Suzana Fabriova  Slovak Republic Frankfurt, Germany
2000/2001 Yeliz Celiskan  Turkey Vreden, Germany
2001/2002 Renata Janetkova  Czech Republic Kaiserslautern, Germany
2002/2003 Natascha Börger  Germany Aachen, Germany
2003/2004 Nihan Akkus  Turkey Aachen, Germany
2004/2005 Sun Na  China Karlsruhe, Germany
2005/2006 Dominika van Santen  Venezuela Humen, China
2006/2007 Natália Guimarães (resigned)  Brazil Kunming, China
Michelle de Leon  Philippines
2007/2008 Alessandra Alores  Germany Hurghada, Egypt
2008/2009 Débora Lyra  Brazil Berlin, Germany
2009/2010 Carolina Rodríguez Ferrero  Colombia Dortmund, Germany
2010/2011 Loredana Salanta  Romania Usedom, Germany
2011/2012 Luna Voce  Italy Dortmund, Germany
2012/2013 Monica Palacios  Caribbean Sea El Gouna, Egypt
2014 Tania Valencia Cuero  Colombia El Gouna, Egypt

Host Cities[edit]

In 1995 the competition was held outside the USA for the first time. The host was Russia. In 2005 it was held for the very first time in Asia, in China. In a spectacular open air show the final of the 2005 event took place in the Humen Park with over 10,000 spectators and the winner was Dominika van Santen from Margarita Island, Venezuela. The event was broadcast live with over 360 million viewers worldwide. In 2006 it was held in Kunming, China. There, Dominika van Santen crowned her successor Natália Guimarães from Brazil.


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