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Top development is an iterative project method that uses prototyping of the system as its main focus.

The method can be used on small projects with only a few project members, or on large projects with several hundreds of project members. Its primary use is for information technology projects, but it can also be used for other types of projects where worktime is the main cost.

The method emphasizes planning in the beginning of the project period in combination with iterative development. In addition, it focuses on the system's infrastructure before implementing the functional requirements. When the infrastructure is in place, the project is "over the top", hence the name "top development".

To avoid bad choices of technology, frameworks etc., it uses "Throw'n go" at every review of a prototype. It is best for the final system to throw away bad elements as early as possible during a project's lifetime.

All parts of the method are well documented. In addition to this description, there are templates for organization charts, project flow, task lists, project estimation, risk analysis, project reporting, project milestones etc.

The method can be used on commercial or non-commercial projects.