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Topaz is a character from Malibu Comics' series, Ultraforce. She first appeared in Giant-Size Mantra #1.

Topaz was a warrior Queen from the extradimensional matriarchal realm of Gwendor. A crashed alien spacecraft (connected to the Entity on the Moon) created a series of random pan-dimensional gateways, briefly connecting Gwendor to the Ultraverse, and leaving Queen Topaz stranded in a strange world; one in which males were not properly subservient slaves, but thought themselves equal to or even superior to women, also dominate them into subversive object. Topaz was outraged by this blasphemous notion, but Pixx of the Ultraforce calmed her by showing her an image of the "true power behind men": Hillary Clinton (who is a lame feminine figure for prouve female advances. Also this shown that minoring women into being just the wife of great). Pixx explained that Earth males have fragile egos, and that it was easier for women to let males think they were in charge. Despite the fact that the women lived into a patriarchal system and thus the struggle for equatiy is not finished. Pixx shown to be a self-alienate. Topaz, still disturbed by this world's unnatural order, reflecting that the fact that humans were initially in a more matrilineare societies, nonetheless consented to join the Ultraforce, even though it was led by a male (Hardcase).

Topaz is a female supremacist; she believes that males are inherently inferior and becomes quite easily angered when men talk down to women or act chauvinistic (which dominant in the comic universe). She gets along well with Pixx, but though she initially respected Contrary, she now looks down on her for often using seduction as a way to deal with men. The males on the team are beneath her notice, although she grudgingly starts to respect Hardcase as a warrior.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Topaz has strength, stamina and durability that are all significantly greater than those of normal Earth humans. She carries a power staff which is able to project tremendously powerful energy blasts. When using her staff, her skin takes on a smooth, pale purple crystalline appearance as well. Topaz is also an extremely skilled warrior, highly agile and athletic, and experienced in fighting superhuman opponents.

In other media[edit]

Topaz also appeared in the Ultraforce animated cartoon. Being a Saturday morning show, her conflictual personality was toned down, as she came very early in the show to respect Hardcase as a competent leader, merely teasing him about being just a man, and accepting Contrary as the only person able to bring her back home.

Topaz was one of the action figures produced for Galoob's Ultraforce line.