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Country of origin Indonesia
Original language(s) Indonesian
Location(s) Jakarta
Running time 30 minutes
5 minutes (evening news update)
Original channel antv
Original run April 30, 2006  – present
Preceded by Laporan ANTeve
(January 1, 1994-March 31, 1996)
(April 1, 1996-April 29, 2006)
Jurnal ANTV
(March 1, 2003-March 11, 2005)

Topik is a flagship television newscast broadcast on the Indonesian TV station antv. It's slogan is "Lebih Cepat, Lebih Dalam, Lebih Lengkap" (Faster, Deeper, More Complete). The newscast consist of Topik Pagi (morning news), Topik Siang (afternoon news), Topik Petang (evening news), Topik Malam (late-night news), and Topik Terkini (news update).


Previously, antv had some flagship news program:

  • Laporan ANTeve (ANTeve Report), airs on January 1, 1994-March 31, 1996.
  • Cakrawala (Horizon), airs on April 1, 1996-April 29, 2006 as the evening news program. Later, the name is used to the newsmagazine program.
  • Jurnal ANTV (ANTV Journal), airs on March 1, 2003-March 11, 2005.

As the 20% stake of the station bought by STAR TV (part of News Corporation) on May 2006, the newscast is changed to Topik.


Currently, Topik ANTV broadcasts three newscast:

  • Topik Pagi (morning news), airs on 6 a.m. WIB.
  • Topik Siang (afternoon news), airs on 11:30 a.m. WIB.
  • Topik Petang (evening news), airs on 4 p.m. WIB.
  • Topik Malam (late-night news), airs on 12 p.m. WIB.
  • Topik Terkini (news update), airs every several hours.

In some cases, such as the Indonesian Super League or Indonesian Second Division sportscast, Topik Petang broadcasts as Topik Petang Update, covering summary of national news on 5:30 p.m. in 5 minutes.

While in the weekdays Topik Pagi and Topik Siang airs regular news program, in the weekend the program covering light news, such as lifestyle and travelling, in the same name with the suffix "Weekend".

Previously, it had news talk program called Topik Kita. Later, the program changed its format to the newsmagazine program, and then replaced with Cakrawala.

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