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TorSearch is a search engine that indexes pages to help people find website content in websites located on the Tor network; these websites have neither domain names nor IP addresses and hence aren't usually indexed by traditional search engines.

Tor websites are notoriously difficult to search, owing in part to the lack of a centralized domain name system (DNS) on the Tor network, and the scarcity (and low reliability) of links on reputable websites indexing Tor sites and their reputations.


Clearnet address[edit]

.onion address[edit]

TorSearch is a Tor hidden service whose .onion address is: http://kbhpodhnfxl3clb4.onion/.[1]


(Safe, but not anonymous) Clearnet Redirects[edit]

TorSearch can safely (but not anonymously) be accessed by the links:

  • Other sources
  • Add more here if you find any

How its search algorithm works[edit]

How its advertising optimization works[edit]


TorSearch has been called "the next Google of the Deep Web" by and is one of the leading results on Google for the keyword "search Tor".

Sources (of .onion URLs)[edit]


Primary References[edit]

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