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Tor Mikkel Wara (born 27 December 1964) is a former Norwegian politician.

Wara was born in Karasjok, and was a member of the Oslo municipality council between 1987 and 1989.[1] During the same period he was the chairman of the Youth of the Progress Party, and became known as a young rising star within the party.[2] He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament for the Progress Party from Oslo in 1989, and became vice chairman of the party in 1991.[1]

In 1993 he however left the Progress Party and quit active politics. While he was one of the main players of the young libertarians within the party in the early 1990s, he was contrary to popular belief not part of the "Dolkesjø" incident in 1994, having left the party the year before.[2]

As the leadership of the Progress Party in 2006 changed hands from Carl I. Hagen to Siv Jensen, Wara was before the 2009 election spoken of as a possible Minister of Finance for the party in an eventual government, with the recent broad popular support for the party.[3]


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Preceded by
Pål Atle Skjervengen
Chairman of the Youth of the Progress Party
Succeeded by
Jan Erik Fåne