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The Jubilee Church

Tor Tre Teste is a district of Rome, Italy, outside the city walls. It is located in Municipio VII along Via Praenestina. It has a population of 12,176.[1]

The area was part of the Roman countryside until the middle of the 20th century. Tre Teste means "three heads", it was named after a Roman funerary relief. One of the deceased is a veiled woman. The relief was walled into a tower built in the 12th century and belonging to the Lateran Basilica. Later the tower was incorporated into a small church.

This part of the Roman Campagna was built up rapidly in the second half of the 20th century. Important Roman archaeological remains were destroyed during the process. The modern district is mainly suburban sprawl, a blend of nondescript housing developments and industrial estates.

Notable places[edit]

  • The ruins of the medieval tower are standing in a military precinct near Via Praenestina together with the small derelict 17th-century church. A copy of the Roman relief, after which the whole district was named, is attached to the wall.


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Coordinates: 41°53′37″N 12°35′55″E / 41.89361°N 12.59861°E / 41.89361; 12.59861