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Single by Paul Haig
Released March 1988
Format 12"
Recorded September 1987
Genre Synth Pop
Label Les Disques Du Crepuscule
Writer(s) Paul Haig
Producer(s) Paul Haig
Paul Haig singles chronology
"Scottish Christmas" "Torchomatic" "Something Good"

"Torchomatic" is a 1988 single by Paul Haig. After leaving to seek another major deal in 1986 Haig briefly returned to Crepuscule in September 1987 to record several tracks, though the only new record to emerge was the fine "Torchomatic" single, his tenth, complete with spy theme and a home-recorded instrumental cycle on the flipside.

The European Sun compilation album followed, including most of the shelved Island Records album not included on The Warp Of Pure Fun plus several rare b-sides, and the unreleased Cabaret Voltaire collaboration.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Torchomatic"
  2. "Beat Programme"
  3. "Chase Manhattan"
  4. "White Hotel"
  5. "Song For"