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Torkom Saraydarian
Born 1917
Died 1997
Sedona, Arizona
Nationality American
Occupation Teacher, Author, Spiritualist
Known for Researching and teaching the Ageless Wisdom, authoring over 150 books

Torkom Saraydarian (1917–1997) was born in Turkey of Armenian parents. Since childhood he was trained in the Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom under the guidance of his father.

As he grew up, he visited monasteries, ancient temples, and mystery schools in order to find the answers to his questions about the mystery of man and the universe. He was musically trained and was able to play the violin, piano, oud, cello, and guitar. He composed hundreds of musical pieces.[1]

His works represent a synthesis of sacred culture of the world by creating a truly universal approach to spirituality. His written legacy spans over 170 books (half of which have been published), hundreds of musical pieces and lectures.[2]


At the age of nine, Torkom began to receive education in the Ageless Wisdom • under the guidance of his father. At that time, people did not discuss these things in the open, but would disappear to attend meetings - in caves, under the stars - where they would hold ceremonies and dramatizations to reveal the mysteries of the subtle worlds.

In 1959, he came to the US with his family. It was a different world from the one he left in Jordan - changing rapidly and in very demonstrative ways. He saw people in need of guidance. In response to this need, he began inviting them into his home in Van Nuys, California to study and to learn how to lead themselves into more productive, healthy, right living via the principles of the Ageless Wisdom. This was the inception of The Aquarian Educational Group. The following excerpts were told by Torkom at the 35th anniversary celebration of the Aquarian Educational Group in Agoura, California:

"Now, how we started this group. This group was started in 1961 - unofficially. One day I was coming home from the church. I saw 15 boys sitting and doping themselves. All my neighbors - very beautiful boys and girls. When I saw them doping and smoking, my heart broke. I said, ‘Don't they have fathers, don't they have mothers?' Because I was from the old country and could not understand America. (That was not America, but I say ‘America.') I couldn't understand how people could drug themselves and dope themselves. So I went home, I meditated, I thought. I said, ‘We must form a group to bring all these children in and slowly educate them.'..."

For the first ten years, he taught classes and lectured in a one-room garage without a salary except for the small donations left by students.[3]

  • - The Ageless Wisdom Teachings

From ancient times, a body of spiritual* teaching known as the Ageless Wisdom has been handed down from generation to generation. A systematic and comprehensive account of the evolution of consciousness in man and nature, it describes how the universe came to exist, how it operates, and man's place within it. See:


Torkom Saraydarian's seven principles of right living are Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, Freedom, Striving, and Sacrificial Service.

"For years, all my books, all my lectures, turned on the axis of these seven principles...."
"We are an international group in which everyone can take part because it is the principles that give life - not religions."
"We didn't build a religion. We didn't build hatred between people. We emphasized great principles and these great principles worked." [4]

Through the practice of these principles, Torkom aimed to teach people how to be successful, co-operative, creative, and have healthy, happy relationships.

Other quotes:

"‘Love each other' is nothing. ‘Love each other' is now obsolete. ‘Love others more than yourself' is the new commandment!"[5]
"If you look to the future, one day, you are going to jump from one galaxy to another; and this is not a dream. As we went to the moon it was not a dream, we'll do this dream also. Really. Striving - try to perfect yourself, try to shape yourself - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually - so that you judge yourself. Nobody is your judge.... You are going to put yourself in line with Divine intent. Divinity rules."
"Whatever you learned by Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, by Joy, by Truth, by Freedom, by Striving, put them on the altar of human service. Let's serve each other. Let all nations serve each other. Let's make this planet a planet of joy, of freedom, so that everybody is free...."
"In eighteen million years we didn't change; we must change it, and it is given in your hand to take the flag. I will continue running and running and running until my last breath. But later, you are going to take the flag and say, 'Torkom did it, but we are going to do 100% more!' And I will be with you." [6]


Torkom left a legacy of sacrificial service and a passionate love to understand and serve the Teaching, including over 50 years of service, groups formed in the US and internationally, and counselling to thousands of people. He collected over 8,000 books, booklets, and periodicals about the Teaching and formed the TS library. He presented thousands of lectures, seminars, and workshops in the US and internationally.

He wrote 170 books which have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Armenian, Danish, Swedish, German, Yugoslavian, and Russian, as well as thousands of articles. He studied and wrote summaries of major books of the Wisdom Teachings, including The Secret Doctrine, The Bhagavad Gita, Treatise on Cosmic Fire, and the Agni Yoga Books. Tarkom helped create, with Gita Saraydarian, TSG Foundation as the major publishing house for his works.

He also created The Creative Trust with Gita Saraydarian to house all his creative works and created Meditation courses and spiritual training curriculum. TSG University Curriculum is founded on his instructions and courses. Tarkom continued his study of the Teaching and meditation, creative expression and service to the end of his life.

About TSG Foundation[edit]

The TSG Foundation’s focus is on a comprehensive spiritual educational program of life enhancement teachings written and designed by an internationally recognized scholar, philosopher, and author Torkom Saraydarian.

TSG continues to be run by Gita Saraydarian, who has established a worldwide audience as a creative educator for progressive ideas, transformation, and goodwill. The Foundation’s headquarters is in Cave Creek, Arizona. Its books, study courses, and seminars are distributed and conducted throughout the world.

The prime objective of the TSG Foundation’s work is to help people to unfold their potentials; deepen their non-sectarian spiritual learning through practical, transformational processes; increase their capacity to serve others; and make their lives more beautiful. TSG provides progressive ideas — defined as those ideas which are designed for the betterment of human relationships and for humanity as a whole, through which a person is empowered to make better life choices in every aspect of life.

We believe that new education is not found in new methods; it is found in the subject matter that is being taught. TSG’s subject matter involves principles and standards that can be applied by people of all backgrounds and cultures. It is a system of education that is designed to train the mind to think in terms of the whole. TSG labels this education ‘living ethics’. This includes:

The science of Meditation

Understanding Karma and Reincarnation

Learning about the Divine source of all human beings

Higher Worlds of life and Divine guidance

The principles of Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom

Continuous improvement and growth through application of spiritual Teachings

Service for human welfare in all fields as a way of life

The development of true inner confidence

The healing of our physical, emotional, mental, and higher spiritual bodies

Understanding the flow of psychic energy

The science of the soul and the work of the Guardian Angel

The science of right human relations in marriage, friendships, and child rearing

Developing the power of the human soul


Ageless Wisdom


Aura, Shield of Protection and Glory

Avatars, Revelations of God

Battling Dark Forces

Bhagavad Gita

Breakthrough to Higher Psychism

Buddha Sutra - A Dialogue with the Glorious One

Challenge for Discipleship

Christ, The Avatar of Sacrificial Love

Commentary on Psychic Energy

Cosmic Shocks

Cosmos in Man

Creative Fire

Creative Sound, Sacred Music, Dance, and Song

Dialogue with Christ (2nd Ed.)

Dynamics of the Soul

Dynamics of Success

Education as Transformation, Vol. I

Education as Transformation, Vol. II

Eyes of Hierarchy

Flame of Beauty, Culture, Love, Joy

Flame of the Heart

From My Heart - Collection of Poetry, Vol. I

Glossary - A Concordance of Torkom Saraydarian's Works

Hiawatha and the Great Peace

Hidden Glory of the Inner Man

Initiation, The Path of Living Service

I Was

Joy and Healing (3rd Ed.)

Karma and Reincarnation

Leadership, Vol. I

Leadership, Vol. II

Leadership, Vol. III

Leadership, Vol. IV

Leadership, Vol. V

Legend of Shamballa

Mysteries of Willpower

Mystery of Self-Image

New Dimensions in Healing

Obsession and Possession

Olympus World Report - The Year 3000

One Hundred Names of God

Other Worlds

Psyche and Psychism (2 Volume Set)

Psychology of Cooperation and Group Consciousness

Purpose of Life

Science of Becoming Oneself

Science of Meditation

Sense of Responsibility in Society

Sex, Family, and the Woman in Society (2nd Ed.)

Solar Angel, Vol. 1

Solar Angel, Vol. 2

Spiritual Regeneration

Spring of Prosperity

Subconscious Mind and

the Chalice

Symphony of the Zodiac

Talks on Agni, Vol. I

Talks on Agni, Vol. II

Talks on Agni, Vol. III

Teaching the Ageless Wisdom

Thought & The Glory of Thinking


Triangles of Fire

Unusual Court

Woman Torch of the Future (2nd Ed.)

Wisdom of the Zodiac Volume 1: Aries-Taurus-Gemini

Wisdom of the Zodiac Volume 2: Cancer-Leo-Virgo

Wisdom of the Zodiac Volume 3: Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius

Wisdom of the Zodiac Volume 4: Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces

The Year 2000 & After


Torkom composed and recorded hundreds of musical compositions and sacred songs.

  • Dance of The Zodiac
  • Misty Mountain
  • Far Horizons
  • Piano Compositions
  • Fire Blossom
  • Rainbow
  • Infinity
  • Sacred Songs
  • Lao Tse Spirit of My Heart
  • Let My Dreams Come True Sun Rhythms
  • Tears of My Joy
  • Light Years Ahead
  • A Touch of Heart
  • Lily in Tibet
  • Toward Freedom

The TSG University[edit]

The TSG University is a Spiritual Training Center for the systematic study of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

Students may study courses for self enrichment, take individual meditation courses, or follow a specific program for specialized training.

TSG University was founded by Gita Saraydarian. Classes began online and on-site in September 2000. The curriculum was created by Gita and is based on the many courses, classes, instructions, and visions of a specialized Spiritual University that Torkom discussed in his writings and speeches.

The University provides courses in meditation and intensive study of the esoteric Wisdom. All the courses provide opportunities for self-transformation. Students study the theory and practical application of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and learn how to be transformed parents, partners, creative artists, leaders, healers, ministers, and teachers. Seminars and workshops in the United States and Europe provide additional opportunities for first-hand experience of the Sacred Teachings of the Ancient Sages.

Courses of study begin with a focus on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings of Torkom Saraydarian, and slowly expand to include reading and study from the books of Alice A. Bailey, Helena Roerich, and H. P. Blavatsky and others from a wide variety of scholarly literature in comparative religions and spirituality.

Courses help the participant to develop skills in observation, meditation, analytical and critical thinking, the development of virtues, and to becoming one's True Self.

The TSG University provides non-accredited certification as well as non-accredited degrees in BA, MA, and PhD in spiritual and philosophical education.


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