Torneo Internazionale Stampa Sportiva

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The Torneo Internazionale Stampa Sportiva (English: The Sport Press International Tournament) was one of the very first international football (soccer) competitions. Held in 1908, it predated the more famous Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy by a year. However, there had been football competitions, involving amateur sides, held at the Summer Olympic Games as far back as the 1900 games in Paris, though these were initially termed exhibition games and no medals were awarded until 1908.

Organised by Italian sports magazine La Stampa Sportiva, the Torneo Internazionale featured teams from Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany. All the games were played in Turin, Italy. Swiss team Servette FC were eventual winners, beating Torino of Italy 3-1.


Pre-qualifying (Italy only)[edit]

March 22, 1908
Juventus Italy 4-1
Italy Piemonte Calcio or Piemonte F.C.
Borel, Goccione, Donna, Brusa (og) F. Berardo

March 29, 1908
Torino Italy 2-1 Italy F.C. Ausonia Milano

April 12, 1908
Torino Italy 2-1 Italy Juventus
Pozzi, Debernardi Donna

Final tournament[edit]

April 19, 1908
Servette FC Switzerland 5-3 Germany Freiburger FC

April 19, 1908
Torino Italy 4-0 France US Parisienne
Squair, Debernardi ×3 (1 pen)

Third Place playoff
April 20, 1908
Juventus* Italy 4-0 France US Parisienne
Borel ×3, Goccione

* Juventus had replaced Freiburg, who withdrew from the tournament

April 20, 1908
Servette FC Switzerland 3-1 Italy Torino
Nett ×2, Henneberg Pozzi