Tororo Rock

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Tororo Rock
Elevation 4,865 ft (1,483 m)
Prominence 977 ft (298 m)
Tororo Rock is located in Uganda
Tororo Rock
Tororo Rock
Map of Uganda
Location Tororo, Tororo District, Uganda
Coordinates 00°41′06″N 34°11′01″E / 0.68500°N 34.18361°E / 0.68500; 34.18361Coordinates: 00°41′06″N 34°11′01″E / 0.68500°N 34.18361°E / 0.68500; 34.18361
Type Volcanic plug

Tororo Rock is a rock formation located in the town of Tororo in eastern Uganda.


The rock is situated approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) southeast of the central business district of the town. The coordinates of the rock are:00 41 06N, 34 11 01E (Latitude:0.6850; Longitude:34.1836).


It is reported that Tororo Rock is visible from anywhere in Tororo District. There is saying in Tororo: "The Eiffel Tower is to Paris as the magnificent Tororo Rock is to Tororo District.[1] The rock is a major tourist attraction.


The highest altitude of Tororo Rock is 4,865 feet (1,483 m) with a gradient of about 0.75 from the east to the west. On the rock's slopes are ancestral caves and various rock paintings.[2] The elevation of Tororo Town is 3,888 feet (1,185 m). Therefore Tororo Rock towers 977 feet (298 m) above downtown Tororo.

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