Torre dei Lamberti

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View of the tower.

The Torre dei Lamberti is 84 m high tower in Verona, northern Italy.

The tower was begun in 1172; in May 1403 a lightning bolt struck the top of the tower, but only in 1448 restoration works were started, lasting until 1464. In the occasion the tower was enlarged: the more recent sections can be recognized today by the use of different materials (such as marble). The large clock was added in 1779.

The tower has four bells: the Marangona signals fires, work times, and the hours of the day, while the largest, called Rengo, is used to call the population to arms or to invoke the city's councils.

Coordinates: 45°26′35.11″N 10°59′51.79″E / 45.4430861°N 10.9977194°E / 45.4430861; 10.9977194