Torrens Island

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Torrens Island
Torrens Island is located in South Australia
Torrens Island
Location Gulf St Vincent

Torrens Island is located in the Port River Estuary between the Lefevre Peninsula and Barker Inlet, about 15 km northwest of the Adelaide city centre in South Australia. Since European settlement of Adelaide in 1836, it has been used for a number of purposes.

Quarantine Station[edit]

Being uninhabited, an island, adjacent to Port Adelaide, and near Outer Harbor, Torrens Island was initially used as the site of a Quarantine Station for new arrivals (by sea) to South Australia.[1] One example of its use was during the so-called "Boonah crisis".

Internment Camp[edit]

The Torrens Island Internment Camp was a World War I detention camp which held up to 400 men of German or Austro-Hungarian background between 9 October 1914 and 16 August 1915.

Power Stations[edit]

There are several power stations on, and in the vicinity of Torrens Island. (See List of power stations in South Australia.) They include:

Torrens Island[edit]

Lefevre Peninsula[edit]


Protected areas[edit]

Protected areas associated with Torrens Island or the waters immediately adjoin its shores include the Torrens Island Conservation Park, the Barker Inlet - St Kilda Aquatic Reserve, and the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary.[4][5][6]


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Coordinates: 34°48′S 138°32′E / 34.800°S 138.533°E / -34.800; 138.533