Toru, Pakistan

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Nickname(s): Bukhara Sani
Toru is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 34°9′50.85″N 72°5′3.95″E / 34.1641250°N 72.0844306°E / 34.1641250; 72.0844306Coordinates: 34°9′50.85″N 72°5′3.95″E / 34.1641250°N 72.0844306°E / 34.1641250; 72.0844306
Country Pakistan
Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Districts of Pakistan Mardan
Elevation 291 m (955 ft)

Toru Mardan[edit]

A street in Toru, Pakistan

Toru is a village and union council in Mardan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.[1] It has an altitude of 291 m (958 feet).[2]


Toru is located South of Mardan City, surrounded by two perennial nullahs called Kalpani and Balar; the former descends down from the heights of Malakand to the plains of this vast, fertile tract, while the later comes from the adjacent district of Swabi.

The inhabitants of Toru are Yousafzai Pashtun tracing their origin to central Asia and Afghanistan in particular.

It is a small, significant area of the Mardan district in the Khyber Pakhtun-khua province of Pakistan. The inhabitants are primarily farmers. Many people from the village are working in Middle East and Europe and some are permanently settled there. Toru was also known as a small 'Bukhara'. Late Molana Inayat Ullah Toru and Abdul Majeed Khan Toru, from ANP, and Abdul Samad Khan zaid khel Toru(Ex two times minister 1978 , from the PPP are political leaders in Toru ,late babu star from muslim league (Q),nawabzada nasrullah khan from Pti,nawabzada tariq khan from pti,

Now the young politicians of PTI are President Union Council (UC) toru Fazle Tawab, Finance Secretary UC toru Feroz Shah, President youth wing Union Council toru ENGR Shaheen Shah, Information Secretary Youth Wing Union Council Toru Muhammad Musa Khan, President Village Council toru Aamir Khan, General Secretary Muhammad Ibrahim Kashmiri.

Mulana Qutab Shah was the first Dean of Islamia College Peshawar. Dr. Abdul Ghani Shah MBBS (1919), who completed his MBBS in Kabul. His medical theories and diaries have been passed onto family in the UK. Late Muhammad Kapoor Khan Zaid Kheil received his regular bachelor degree from Islamia college in (1935),selected for I.C.S from mardan,nominated for Commissioner) He attended his college(Ali Aligarh college & islamia college peshawar ) with hazrat hafeez (hafeez jalandhari ) ,Ex voice chief of army staff nawabzada General wisal muhammad khan, wali swat (Aurangzeb khan ) , said rasool raza other legend personalities also british etc.

Molana Abdul Jameel known as Swat Baba G (Sadar Muddaris Jamia walor India), Maulana Hafeez Ullah, Molana Inayat Ullah Toru (Khuda'e Khidmatgar and famous Scholar of the era) Molana Lutfullah,Molana Muhammad Idrees, Molana ameen ul haq (Provincial Khateeb Punjab) Molana Abdul Nabi (Khateeb Toru jami Masjid), Maulana Samundar Khan Sahab Maulana Gul Badshah Sahib( Provincial Ameer JUI) are religious Scholars of Toru.

Professor Rasheed Bacha MA Oxon, Syed Zahoor Ul Haq are also associated with Toru. Professor Rasheed Bacha was awarded a scholarship from the Government of Pakistan to attend Oxford University in London. He attended Oxford University with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He later became the Secretary for Education. He was against the system of bribes and fought hard against using bribes within the Education Department. His family remain in Peshawar, Mardan and the UK.

Currently Young Educationalist are Dr Syed Rashid Ali Toru(PHD in Sociology), Syed Hamid Ali shah Noorani (PHD in Finance) and Lakhkar khan, Assistant Professor (Ph.D Statistics).

Mr Bashir Ahmed Shah is a founder of a Non-Profitable welfare organization in his area named Bah colony in Toru. The organisation works for the people of the locality on different grounds. His son Raza Bashir Shah is a representative of his village Toru in the most highly credited Engineering university of Pakistan named Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and technology.

Syed ijaz Ali Shah Toru(social worker)President of Non-Profitable welfare organization Known as Awami Khidmatgar Tanzeem(Toru). This organization is working for the betterment of their village.

Another Engineer is Malak Safdar Ali. He did his metric from TORU and Engineering at the university of Coventry in UK. He has worked with different firms and governments around the world including UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE. Currently he is employed by French Government working on the design and construction management of a mega airport project in Mauritius. Malik Ashfaq Ahmad s/o Malik Diyar Mohammad from Boosi kheil reside in South Africa working as a quantity surveyor for a construction company.

Currently, Engineer Fawad Hussain (PM secretariate), Engineer Shahenshah (Social worker)and Engineer Nadir Shah (Government Department)of the area. Ex voice chief of army staff General Wisal Mohammad Khan Toru, General Farrukh Seir, Lt.Colonel Syed Hafiz Muhammad Ilyas Bacha, Colonel Zaheer Ahmad, Wng CMDR Nasrullah Khan, Lieutenant Commander Himayat Ullah, Major Ashfaq,Major Qasim , Major Ishtiaq, Captain Retd Syed Hamid Ali Shah, Lieutenant Commander Waqar Ahmad, Captain Kamran Aziz and Lieutenant Nazir Ahmad are notable military officers from the area ,nawabzada niaz khan director General of ubl,safdar iqbal zaid khel(Ex provicial chairman WAPDA N.W.F.P Noshera (1984-2004),hafeez khan (Director at water management ),Malik jamshed khan (XEN at WAPDA),Haji Niaz Ul Haq (SDO Telephone),Malik humayun khan (home secretary ,EX commissioner of D.I in DMG group),inam bacha as a chief Engineer at pak motorway project,imtiaz altaf C.C.po peshawar,imtiaz iltaf D.I.G, .

Fiaz Khan Toru (Ex IGP KPK, Home Minister, KPK), Attaullah Khan Toru ( Chief Secretary, KPK), Inamullah Khan Toru (Ex-Federal Secretary),Ishrat Pervez (Ex A.C Afghan Refugees KPK)Khalid Khan Toru (Ex-Federal Secretary) and Humayun Khan are notable in civil services. Barrister Faisal Khan Toru and Barrister Suleman Khan Toru are notable lawyers hailing from Toru; currently practicing law in Islamabad & Peshawar under the name & style of Khan & Muezzin. Both are graduates from the London School of Economics & Political Science, UK. jawad hussain (shaheed) Library officer at MCE Risalpur was also a prominent named uin field of education.(qayyumabad).

Traditional Pashto folk singer, prominent musician and ustad ul asatiza in playing (RABAB)Muhtaram Late Fazli Rabbi Ustaz, Irfan Kamal, Malik Zafar alam and Sajjad Toru are well known in the field of music,irfan khan (rabab),

Poets from the area include Israr Ur Rahman, Israr da toru (Published books are Lala Zaar da Parharoono, imam e azam, da haramaino safar, da kabal safar, da haj masali, zama kitab, da Quran da ayatuno shmir), Meem Rey Shafaq (published books are shafaq rang),Taj Malook Khan Dil Sooz(KhanG)(Grandfather of Wng CMDR Nasrullah khan)Noor ul Bashar Naveed (editor leekwal).

Nisar Bacha is the founder of the English Medium School in the Village. He laid down the foundation of the first English Medium School in Toru in the 1980s with the name of Toru Model School. Currently Fontier Model school lead by an experienced and well known educationist Mr. Malik Aurangzeb, The Citizen Model school and Toru Standard School are the leading public sector education providers. Muhammad Inam is serving education department as EDO. At present Muhammad Zaman(SET), inayatullah (C.T), zahid iqbal zaid khel s.s (physics) ,javed iqbal zaid khel s.s (urdu) and Shahnawaz(SST) are qualified teachers of this area.


Toru volleyball team practicing

Toru is also known as the Village of the Sports, the most popular being volleyball and cricket. Khan Bahadur Khan was a good player of a local game known as Kabady. Mr. Khalid Bacha, Sadeeq ullah Gulali, Tariq, and Syed Rashid Ali are the famous volleyball players. Abdul Mateen Khan is a well-known cricketer at the district level. Ajmal Khan,Mustaq Ahmad and Haq Nawaz were also very renowned cricketers. Saeed Bacha, Mr. Ijaz, Ashfaq, Adil Bacha, are great players of Badminton. Toru also house a lot of madrassas and an English Medium School. nowadays mohalla qayum abad of toru is famous for ulmas like mufti Muhammad ismail,molana samee ur rehman, mufti hamid, mufti kamal, mufti zahid, hafiz tufail, hafiz naseer, molan atiq are well known named in religious education.

The people of Toru are divided in different khel (castes): Sadi khel, Moosa khel, Boosi khel,mian berra, Zaid khel, Biland khel of Gayum Abad, and Amo khel.