Tory Mason

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Tory Mason
Born (1986-09-06) September 6, 1986 (age 28)
Other names Tory Mason, Adrian
Ethnicity American Caucasian
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight 135 lb (61 kg)

Tory Mason (also known as Adrian)[citation needed] is an American pornographic actor (porn star) who has appeared in gay pornography; both in pornographic films and online at commercial amateur porn websites. Born in Idaho, he lived in Belgium for five years as a child. He entered college in Chicago for one semester immediately after graduation from high school and has since transferred to Los Angeles where he now lives and is continuing his college education.[citation needed]


Mason started his career in February 2006 with some amateur shots that were posted on sites such as[1] Those pictures resulted in appearances at online amateur websites operated by producers Corbin Fisher and Boys First Time; he appeared at before becoming an exclusive model to for nine months which concluded in May 2007.[citation needed]

With his film career, he starred in the debut film for Fierce Dog Productions, The Bottoming Desire. After filming Desire, Mason was referred to FabScout [1] to represent him in the adult movie business; he has since done additional movies and online appearances. He has also had multiple dancing/stripping engagements across the United States, including appearing at Southern Decadence 2006. In July 2006, Mason had plans for a movie with Studio 2000 to include a scene with Barrett Long and Jake Havoc, followed by working with Chi Chi LaRue, and a film for Titan Men.[1] All three movies came out before the summer of 2007 and have launched Tory's career.[citation needed]

Mason is usually cast in the role of a bottom because of his height and twink appearance, although he's been described as having "some toughness" and "a little bit of a leer", rendering him "foxy cute".[2] Mason claims to be versatile in his private life and is trying to change his look to avoid automatic twink typecasting. He credits his physique to having been a track and gymnastics athlete during his middle and high school years and continuing to run for exercise.[1] In his Yahoo! Group, Mason has announced that he will be gaining approximately 20 pounds throughout the summer of 2007 to relaunch a newer, more athletic image.

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