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Toshiaki Karasawa (唐沢 寿明 Karasawa Toshiaki?, born June 3, 1963) (real name Kiyoshi Karasawa (唐澤 潔 Karasawa Kiyoshi)) is a Japanese theatre and film actor. He made his theatrical debut in the play Voice Review Stay Gold (ボーイズレビュー・ステイゴールド Bōizu Rebyū Sutei Gōrudo) in 1987. He specialises in theatrical action sequences such as swordplay and fighting. He dubbed over the roles of Tom Hanks in the Toy Story series and The Polar Express.

He has been nominated for two Japanese Academy Awards, and was named Best Newcomer in 1992. He married actress Tomoko Yamaguchi on December 15, 1995.



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Tom Hanks as

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