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Japanese electronic artist and composer Toshiyuki Yasuda (安田寿之, YASUDA Toshiyuki) was born in 1973 in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, and is a former member of Fantastic Plastic Machine.


Yasuda graduated in civil engineering from Ritsumeikan University, and began Fantastic Plastic Machine in 1994 while at college. After dealing with many projects including Pizzicato Five, Towa Tei, and Combustible Edison—and following the release of the debut self-titled album for Fantastic Plastic Machine in 1997—he left the unit.

He has subsequently released several albums, including Robo*Brazileira (2000), Electro Bits Indeed (2004), featuring Towa Tei, and With Robo*Brazileira (2005), as well as the collaborative Monophonic Ensemble release in 2006.

Recent Work & Megadolly[edit]

More recently, Yasuda has performed collaboratively with Senor Coconut, Isabelle Antena, Little Nobody, Mika Nakashima, Bonnie Pink, Kirinji and somewhat extensively with Towa Tei - such as on the latter's album Flash (2005).

Yasuda also runs his own label, Megadolly, through which he has released music by Towa Tei, Si Begg, Morgan Fisher, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Pecombo, Meu Coracao, Satoru Wono, Akira Yamasaki, Bajune Tobeta, and the Monophonic Ensemble.

He performed at Les Siestes Electroniques in Toulouse, France, in the summer of 2006 (with Chicks on Speed), and performs live periodically at Apple stores in Japan.

On his album Robo*Brazileira (2000), there's bossa nova, the typical Shibuya-kei obsession for the genre, and robots singing about love in fake Portuguese.

In 2011, he contributed the track "Águas de Março" with Atom™ featuring Fernanda Takai and Moreno Veloso to the Red Hot Organization's most recent charitable album "Red Hot+Rio 2." The album is a follow-up to the 1996 "Red Hot + Rio." Proceeds from the sales will be donated to raise awareness and money to fight AIDS/HIV and related health and social issues.

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