Totò, Eva e il pennello proibito

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Totò, Eva e il pennello proibito
Directed by Steno
Produced by Cormoran Films
Written by Vittorio Metz
Roberto Gianviti
Starring Totò
Louis de Funès
Music by Gorni Kramer
Cinematography Manuel Berenguer
Alvaro Mancori
Edited by Giuliana Attenni
Release date(s) 6 February 1959 (France)
Running time 95 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Totò, Eva e il pennello proibito, is an Italian comedy film from 1959, directed by Stefano Vanzina, written by Vittorio Metz, starring Totò and Louis de Funès. The film is known under the titles: "Toto in Madrid" (English title), "Totò a Madrid", "Un coup fumant" (France), "La culpa fue de Eva" (Spain).[1]


The penniless painter Toto is commissioned by unknown Spanish fraudsters to mirror the famous masterpiece Maja Desnuda by Francisco Goya, with some details. In fact, these thieves have agreed with a rich billionaire who plans to buy the original masterpiece. When Toto discovers that all that was nothing more than a scam, it's too late...



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