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Total Wine & More
Type Private
Industry Retail
Founded 1991
Founders David and Robert Trone
Headquarters Potomac, Maryland
Number of locations 103 stores (2014)
Products Wine, spirits, beer, cigars, gifts, accessories
Employees more than 2,000

Total Wine & More is an American alcohol retailer founded in 1991 by brothers David and Robert Trone through the opening of its first wine store in Milltown, Delaware.

Total Wine & More is America‘s Wine Superstore® - the country‘s largest independent retailer of fine wine. Each Total Wine store carries approximately 8,000 different types of wines from every wine-producing region in the world, including 2,500 that no one else carries, 3,000 types of spirits (where permitted by law) from every price range and category, and 2,500 different beers from America‘s most popular beers to hard-to-find microbrews and imports. Among the 8,000 wine selections, 2,500 are exclusively carried in Total Wine & More. Their wine team travels the world looking for new and exciting wines, forging relationships with hundreds of wine makers, whose main focus is making quality wines. These relationships give Total Wine & More exclusive access to some truly exceptional wines, and allow them to bring the wine directly from the wineries to consumers, cutting down costs. They call this Winery Direct Advantage™.[1]

Total Wine & More has more than 2,000 associates, including 600 wine professionals, who must demonstrate comprehensive wine knowledge before they are invited to join the team. After coming on board, all of the wine team members undergo an extensive initial training program, participate in weekly team wine tastings, attend monthly wine-producer seminars, and many travel to prestigious wine-growing regions on company-sponsored trips. The stores range from 9,000 to 50,000 square feet (4,600 m2). They also provide in-house publications to their customers, including Total Wine & More's Guide to Wine, the Total Wine & More Total Guide to Beer, Guide to Spirits, a quarterly Buying Guide which lists brands and prices, and a quarterly newsletter (The Wine Advisor).

Total Wine currently has 103 locations in 16 states:[2] Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington. The majority of the Total Wine & More stores offer educational classes about wine, beer and spirits, special events to meet the industry professionals, and free weekly tastings.[3]

The company's 2012 revenue is estimated to be $1.3 billion.[4]


In 1998, Total Wine & More purchased five Total Beverage stores from the Dart Group. Following the purchase, Total Wine grew slowly until 2002, when other executives were brought in from major retailers like BJ's, Hechinger, The Home Depot, Hecht's, and others; this allowed steady expansion thereafter.

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