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Tote may refer to:


  • Tote bag, a carry bag that is often used to carry items too large for a purse; sometimes also sold as a reusable shopping bag
  • IBC tote or intermediate bulk container tote


  • The Tote, British bookmakers
  • Tote Tasmania, Tasmanian totalisator and bookmakers
  • Tote Ireland, a subsidiary of Horse Racing Ireland
  • Totes Isotoner or Totes, an international umbrella, footwear, and cold weather accessory supplier
  • Tote, the on-demand delivery company in NYC

Other uses[edit]

  • Tote board, a large numeric or alphanumeric display used to convey information
  • Tote (Transformers), a fictional character
  • The Tote Hotel, a hotel, pub, bar and music venue in Melbourne, Australia
  • T.O.T.E. (Test - Operate - Test - Exit), an iterative problem solving strategy in psychology
  • Tote (footballer) (Jorge López Marco, born 1978), Spanish footballer

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