Tottori Station

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Tottori Station
Tottori st05s2816.jpg
Tottori Station southern entrance, July 2006
Prefecture Tottori
(See other stations in Tottori)
City Tottori
Coordinates 35°29′40″N 134°13′31″E / 35.494316°N 134.225378°E / 35.494316; 134.225378Coordinates: 35°29′40″N 134°13′31″E / 35.494316°N 134.225378°E / 35.494316; 134.225378
Rail services
Operator(s) West Japan Railway Company
Line(s) Sanin Main Line

Tottori Station (鳥取駅 Tottori-eki?) is a JR West railway station located in the city of Tottori, in the Chūgoku region on Honshū island, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. The station is located in the Higashihonji-chō district of the city of Tottori.[1]


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