Toul Kork District

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Houses in Toul Kork.

Toul Kork is a district in Phnom Penh Municipality, sometimes known as Toul Kok. It is subdivided into 10 Sangkats and 143 Kroms. The district has an area of 7.99 km². According to the 1998 census of Cambodia, it had a population of 154,968.[1]

Toul Kork district contains a mixture of villas, small wooden houses, commercial warehouses and NGO offices (including Live and Learn Environmental Education). The Toul Kork intersection at street 298 and Confederation de la Russie is the primary entrance to the Toul Kork district and marks the eastern extreme of the Royal University of Phnom Penh main campus. The ministries of Defense, Rural Development and Women's Affairs and a variety of commercial enterprises are located along the main roads in Tuol Kork.


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