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Tramway de Toulouse
Tramway de Toulouse.JPG
Locale Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées
Transit type Tram
Number of lines 1[1]
Number of stations 18[1]
Website Tisséo
Began operation December 2010[2][1]
Operator(s) Tisséo
System length 11 km (6.8 mi)[1]
System map
Geographic map of line T1

Toulouse Tramway (Line T1, previously known as Line E) is the single tram line in Toulouse, France, and operates from Toulouse to the suburb of Beauzelle passing through Blagnac. The Line T1 tramway serves 18 stations,[1] and runs over of a route that is 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) long.[1]

It was originally planned that the Toulouse tramway would open on 27 November 2010, but industrial action delayed the opening to December 2010.[3]

The system and its fare structure is incorporated into the Tisséo network of Toulouse, which also includes the Toulouse Metro.

An extension of Tram Line T1 of almost four kilometers from its current southern terminus at Arènes to Garonne and Palais de Justice, allowing direct transfer between the tram and Toulouse Metro Line B, is scheduled to open in December 2013.[4]

Stations and interchanges[edit]

Stations on line T1
Stations Commune
Arènes Toulouse
Zénith Toulouse
Cartoucherie Toulouse
Casselardit Toulouse
Purpan Toulouse
Arènes-Romaines Toulouse
Ancely Toulouse
Servanty – Airbus Blagnac
Guyenne – Berry Blagnac
Pasteur – Mairie-de-Blagnac Blagnac
Place-du-Relais Blagnac
Odyssud – Ritouret Blagnac
Patinoire – Barradels Blagnac
Grand-Noble Blagnac
Place-Georges-Brassens Blagnac
Andromède – Lycée Blagnac
Beauzelle Beauzelle
Aéroconstellation Beauzelle

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