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Tourism in Armenia has been a key sector to the Armenian economy since the 1990s as half a million people visit the country every year, mostly ethnic Armenians from the Diaspora. The Armenian Ministry of Economy reports that most of the tourists come from the CIS, particularly Russia and Georgia, EU states, Iran and the US.[1]

Although there is a shortage of resources, Armenia has been investing in new hotels to increase tourism. Outdoor activities and scenery seem to be the primary attractions. Lake Sevan, the world’s largest mountain lake, is a popular summer tourist spot. The Tsakhkadzor ski resort is open for skiing in the winter and hiking and picnicking the rest of the year. Mt. Ararat, the traditional site of the landing of Noah’s Ark, is located in Turkey. Yerevan, Armenia’s capital, also boasts opera, theaters and other cultural attractions.

Tourism has been growing gradually in Armenia since 2000. The Republic of Armenia Ministry of Economy declared that 575,281 tourists visited Armenia in 2009, 3% more than the estimated index for 2008, and 5% growth was predicted for 2010 as the world economy stabilizes. In 2011, Armenia is expecting to receive 800,000 tourists, which is 13% better than last year. Armenia attracts people with its sense of adventure and history. Many new hotels including a Hilton, InterContinental,and Kempinski are set to be built in the capital city, Yerevan as well.

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There are some objects in Armenia which are in the official list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

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