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The Indian state of Punjab is known for its cuisine, culture and history. Some of the main cities in Punjab are Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Patiala. Punjab's public transportation network provides excellent tourist transportation.

Tourists to Punjab can enjoy culture, ancient civilization, spirituality and history[citation needed]. Punjab has a rich religious history incorporating Sikhism, Islam and Hinduism. The royal Punjabi palaces, historic battle sites, shrines, temples and examples of Sikh architecture are notable attractions. Punjabi cuisine includes a wide range of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Due to the scope and depth of Punjab's history there are many places of interest. Tourism is a swiftly expanding sector in Punjab.

Forts and Palaces[edit]

Mughal Architecture[edit]

[3]. The interior of the fort is fast crumbling and hues type of Minakari and lots of attractive things present in it.


Virasat-e-Khalsa night view

Science and technology[edit]

Religious Places[edit]


  • Devi Talab Mandir in Jalandhar
  • Ram Tirath Temple - Amritsar
  • Durgiana Temple, Amritsar
  • Kali Devi Temple, Patiala
  • Achaleshwar Temple Batala. It is an ancient temple which has history of Satyug. After Diwali the fair has held. Which is known as Mela Nauvin Dasvin.........Every year there is a lot of people visit this place..
  • Kali Dwara Temple, Batala. It is also an ancient Devi temple in Chakri Bazaar Batala. In Navratras, many people make their son langoors.

Muslim pilgrimage[edit]

Rauza Sharif, Sirhind-Fatehgarh Sahib


Wild Life, Zoo, Wet Lands[edit]

Sports Tourism[edit]

Archaeological Destinations[edit]

Fairs and Festivals[edit]

Tourism sites at Dams[edit]

Border Areas[edit]

Eating, Shopping & Amusement parks[edit]

Shere-e- Punjab Sector 35, Chandigarh

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