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Berbera beach

Tourism in Somaliland is a small but growing industry. The Government of Somaliland has plans to develop it further and views it as an industry with potential for significant growth.[1] The Laas Gaal cave paintings have been cited as a potential attraction for tourists.[2] Some tourists also visit for wildlife tourism. Other attractions include nearby islands and offshore reefs. Some towns in Somaliland feature buildings that were constructed while the area was part of British Somaliland.[1]

Somaliland has an official Ministry of Tourism that oversees foreign tourists who visit. Somaliland's safety and prosperity relative to neighboring regions has allowed a tourism industry to develop. There are a few reliable tour operators in the region. However, Somaliland's lack of international recognition has hindered the development of the industry.[1][3]


In Somaliland, there are many places that the tourists can visit. Berbera beach is one of the places that tourists can go swimming and eat fresh sea food. Berbera is an old city that tourists visit because it has old buildings.The Maansoor is a hotel that is near the beach. Sacadadiin Island is near Berbera and it is a place that the tourist can visit. The port of Berbera which is the biggest port in Somaliland . Berbera airport is one of the biggest airports in East Africa.[4]

Laas Gaal[edit]

Laas Geel rock paintings

Laas Gaal is an old cave complex on the outskirts of Hargeisa. It features Neolithic rock art, including cave paintings of some of the earliest domesticated livestock in the region as well as some human figures. The archaeological site was officially described in the year 2002. It is located east of Hargeisa, en route to Berbera city.[5]


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