Tower of Love

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Tower of Love
Studio album by Jim Noir
Released December 12, 2005 (UK)
August 8, 2006 (U.S.)
Recorded Manchester, England; 2004-2005
Genre Indie rock
Label My Dad Recordings (UK)
Barsuk Records (U.S.)
Producer Jim Noir
Jim Noir chronology
Tower of Love
Jim Noir
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]
Drowned In Sound (7/10)[2]
The Guardian 4/5 stars[3]
Pitchfork Media (7.2/10)[4]

Tower of Love is the debut album by Manchester based multi-instrumentalist Jim Noir.

Track listing[edit]

UK release

  1. "My Patch"
  2. "I Me You I'm Your"
  3. "Computer Song"
  4. "How to Be So Real"
  5. "Eanie Meany"
  6. "Tower of Love"
  7. "The Key of C"
  8. "Turbulent Weather"
  9. "Turn Your Frown into a Smile"
  10. "A Quiet Man"
  11. "Eanie Meany 2"
  12. "The Only Way"

U.S. release

  1. "My Patch"
  2. "I Me You I'm Your"
  3. "Computer Song"
  4. "How to Be So Real"
  5. "Eanie Meany"
  6. "Tower of Love"
  7. "Key of C"
  8. "Tell Me What to Do"
  9. "Climb a Tree"
  10. "Turbulent Weather"
  11. "A Quiet Man"
  12. "Eanie Meany 2"
  13. "The Only Way"

All music written by Jim Noir.

Different versions[edit]

The album comes in three different versions. The UK release has the tracklisting as written above. The US version's tracklisting slightly differs: it adds the songs "Tell Me What to Do" and "Climb a Tree" and omits "Turn Your Frown Into a Smile". The Japanese release is the same as the UK release but adds the tracks "Going On Holiday" and "Why". There are also two covers, one with a door in the lighthouse, and one with no door.

Media appearances[edit]

  • For the 2007 holiday season, Target featured a commercial in which an adaptation of Noir's song "My Patch" is playing while windows in a large Advent calendar open and close. The original lyrics, "If you ever step on my patch / I'll bring you down, I'll bring you down" were modified. In the commercial, A different singer sings "Holidays are times of magic / We're counting down, we're counting down".[5]
  • 'My Patch' was used in a trailer for the PlayStation 3 video game, LittleBigPlanet which was shown at the E3 games conference, and the song also appears in the full game. The song is also used as the theme tune to the BBC radio comedy panel game The Unbelievable Truth
  • In 2006, Adidas used a remix of "Eanie Meany" for their World Cup themed advert Josè +10, featuring the lyric "If you don't give my football back, I'm gonna get my dad on you" throughout.