Forward Operating Base Torkham

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Preparing gear prior to a patrol at Towr Kham Fire Base, Afghanistan.
Specialist Rachel Carey prepares for a patrol from Towr Kham Fire Base, Afghanistan.

Forward Operating Base Torkham, also known as FOB Torkham, is a U.S. military base in the Momand Dara District of Nangarhar province in Afghanistan.[1] It was originally constructed as a firebase manned by a platoon-sized force but has gradually expanded.[2][3][4] It is a few minutes from the Torkham checkpoint on the Durand Line border.

The firebase was staffed by a platoon of military police in March 2006, one month prior to the Afghan Border Police (ABP) upgrading the checkpoint to one where identity documents were required of those crossing the border.[2][3][5] Part of the Platoon's assignment was to provide police training to their Afghan colleagues.


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