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Developer(s) Karsten Schmidt
Stable release 0016 / February 17, 2010
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Generative design, generative art
License LGPL

toxiclibs is an independent, modular open source library collection for Java and Processing, released under the LGPL. In constant development since January 2007, currently the library consist of over 130 different classes, organized into 6 active packages. Each package is focused at specific computational design tasks. The classes are however purposefully kept fairly generic in order to maximize re-use in different contexts ranging from generative design, animation, interaction & interface design, data visualization to architecture and digital fabrication, use as teaching tool and more.

The libraries have been designed to have no further dependencies in order to maximize reuse and flexibility. Even though these libraries have been mainly developed for use in Processing related projects, there is no explicit dependency on the monolithic PApplet or any other classes of the Processing toolkit. This is intentional & should be considered as a feature.


  • 2D/3D vector maths, matrix, quaternion
  • 2D/3D geometry datatypes
  • intersection tests
  • splines
  • point octree
  • perlin noise & simplex noise
  • 3D mesh containers & file exporters
  • extensible waveform generators / oscillators
  • unit converters


  • OpenAL / JOAL based 3D spatial audio playback
  • multi-timbral sound manager
  • support for non-realtime audio synthesis


  • floating point color datatype in 3 simultaneous spaces: RGB, HSV, CMYK
  • named color presets/constants
  • weighted color theme generator
  • color theory strategies
  • color list
  • extensive color sorting features
  • multi-color gradient class
  • tonemap




  • volumetric modelling with extensible volumetric brush classes
  • isosurface computation using marching cubes
  • isosurface file export as OBJ or STL format

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