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Toy and Help Yourself are two 1997 Cantonese EPs recorded by Chinese Cantopop singer Faye Wong when she was based in Hong Kong.

In 1996-97, the last year of her recording contract with Cinepoly Records, Wong recorded ten original songs in Cantonese, all with lyrics by Lin Xi but composed by others such as Wong Ka Keung, Adrian Chan, and Chan Xiao Xia. Cinepoly later released eight of these songs in the two EPs entitled Toy and Help Yourself. The other two songs were included in later compilations.


Toy (玩具)
EP by Faye Wong
Released February 1997
Genre Cantopop
Label Cinepoly
Faye Wong chronology
Fuzao (Restless)
Help Yourself

Toy (Yale romanization; Chinese: 玩具; Jyutping: wun6 geoi6) was released in February 1997, during Faye Wong's parental leave where she gave birth to her first child. The EP's cover photo depicts Wong in her home in Beijing, China, having moved back there after several successful years based in Hong Kong.[1][2]

The five tracks on Toy would be Wong's most significant release of new Cantonese songs until her self-titled album in 2001.[3]

  1. "" (Ngaam Yoong) –
  2. "約定" (Yerk Ding) –
  3. "敷衍" (Fu Yeen) –
  4. "玩具" (Woon Gui) –
  5. "" (Ngor Seun) –
    I Believe

Help Yourself[edit]

Help Yourself (自便)
EP by Faye Wong
Released May 1997
Genre Cantopop
Label Cinepoly
Faye Wong chronology
Help Yourself
Faye Wong

Help Yourself (Chinese: 便; Jyutping: zi6 bin6) followed in May 1997.[4]

Although this EP (like Toy) contained new songs, including the hit ballad "On Time" (守時), and was welcomed by fans, it received lukewarm critical responses, particularly for the three remixes of songs from earlier albums.

The album cover was a photograph of Faye Wong taken several years previously.

  1. "守時" (Sau See) -
    Punctuality/On Time
  2. "守護天使" (Sau Wu Teen See) –
    Guardian Angel
  3. "便" (Jee Been) –
    Help Yourself
  4. "Di-Dar" (Historical Remix) –
  5. "誓言" (Shi Yan) –
    Pledge/Vow (Discovery Remix)
  6. "夢遊" (Moong Yau) –
    Sleepwalk (Universal Remix)

Other songs[edit]

Cinepoly's first releases of their remaining original recordings by Faye Wong were as follows:

  • "不得了" (Baat dak liu) -
Unbelievable, in 1997 compilation Not for Sale (菲賣品)
  • "心驚膽戰" (Saam ging daam jin)
Scary, in 2002 compilation Faye Best


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