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TIA’s member companies account for roughly 85% of domestic toy sales. In 2012, U.S. retail sales of toys generated nearly $22 billion.

The toy industry’s annual total economic impact in the U.S. is nearly $75.03 BILLION.

  • The average price of a toy is less than $8, but the estimated 3 Billion units sold across the nation each year generates approximately $22 Billion in direct toy sales.
  • From toy inventors to store clerks in every state from Alabama to Wyoming, the toy industry supports an estimated 607,020 jobs (FTE) generating $26.69 Billion in wages for U.S. workers.
  • The toy industry also generates $11.54 Billion in tax revenue each year (combined State taxes of $5.27 billion; combined Federal taxes of $6.26 billion).


TIA's mission is to lead the growth and health of the toy industry.


TIA has more than 600 members, including toy companies, importers and distributors, toy retailers, inventors and designers, and others directly involved in the toy industry.

TIA’s Regular Members include businesses that are actively engaged in the manufacture, development, importation, sale or general distribution of toys and consumer products intended for the youth market in North America; provided that they derive a substantial portion of their revenue from such business.

Associate Members include testing laboratories or factory audit services, businesses that are primarily engaged in the promotion of children’s toys and other children’s products, other trade associations with some overlapping membership or interests and concerns in common with TIA, publishers of magazines or newsletters or other business that provide essential services to regular members.

Affiliate Partners[edit]

TIA offers its members exclusive offers and savings through its partner program by pairing with highly respected companies in the industry. These companies include insurance brokers (HUB International and Robert Witkin), global business consultants (Altios International), media planning (Blue Plate Media Services), payment processing services (Elavon), retail solutions (Enhanced Retail Solutions), and shipping services (PartnerShip and Toy Shippers Association).

Trade Events[edit]

TIA hosts two go-to-market events every year: the American International Toy Fair held every February in New York City and the Fall Toy Preview held every October in Dallas. Toy Fair is the third-largest toy trade show in the world and the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Fall Toy Preview is an appointment-only event for toy companies that sell to mass-market retailers.

Priority Issues[edit]

TIA's long history of leadership in toy safety includes the development of the first comprehensive toy safety standard, now known as ASTM F963; this standard was adopted by the U.S. Congress in 2008 and is now federal law.


TIA is the founder and parent of the Toy Industry Foundation (TIF), a 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to bringing the joy of toys and play to children in need.

Other Activities[edit]

TIA also manages the annual Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards and the Toy Industry Hall of Fame.

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