Trabeculae of lymph node

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Lymph node trabeculae
Lymph gland tissue. Highly magnified. a, Trabeculae. b. Small artery in substance of same. c. Lymph paths. d. Lymph corpuscles. e. Capillary plexus.
Schematic of lymph node showing lymph sinuses.png
Schematic of lymph node showing lymph sinuses. (Trabeculae labeled at upper right.)
Latin trabeculae nodi lymphoidei
Gray's p.688
Anatomical terminology

The capsule is composed of connective tissue with some plain muscle fibers, and from its internal surface are given off a number of membranous processes or trabeculae, consisting, in man, of connective tissue, with a small admixture of plain muscle fibers; but in many of the lower animals composed almost entirely of involuntary muscle.

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