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Founded 2014
Founders Ron Bernstein
Headquarters United States
Website is a web-based fantasy sports premium game and the first and only fantasy sports experience where sports fans can play in real-time for real money. allows its users to change tactics and make adjustments as games unfold, by predicting outcomes like one would by trading in a stock market. Each skills-based, sports trading contest awards cash prizes to the top performers.[1] is an independently owned and operated company founded in 2014 by Ron Bernstein, one of the original co-founders of Intrade.[2]


While watching a live sporting event, users can enter orders, buy and sell shares, and short stocks with the goal of making the most money amongst competitors.[3] Trading contests will be available for the NCAA tournament, Major League Baseball, the NBA playoffs, the NFL Draft, the World Cup, the NFL, college football and more. There is no season-long commitment and users can trade in just the games they care about. users will be able to participate and play for as little as $2 or up to $1,000, and each contest will have pre-determined cash prizes with immediate payouts. Free-to-play contests are also available.[4]

Media Coverage[edit]

Tradesports has been featured in a wide range of publications including Business Insider,[5] The New York Times[6] and Forbes.[7]


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