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This article is about the German music group. For the English music group, see Trademark (band).
Origin Germany
Genres Pop
Adult Contemporary
Years active 1995-00s
Labels Na Klar!
BMG International
Past members Achim Remling
Mirko Bäumer
Sascha Sadeghian
"Only Love" is the famous song of the band, used around the world in many movies and commercials.

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Trademark was a German music vocal band consisting of three members: Achim Remling, Mirko Bäumer and Sascha Sadeghian. The Group followed the Michael Learns to Rock genre, but with more ballad tempo. Their songs and singles included "I'll Be the One", "Only Love" and "Amazed".

Trademark's song, I'll Be The One and I'm Not Supposed to Love You Anymore, was the hit song for them in several countries, especially in Asia.

After some years, the three members decided to break up the band and started their own solo careers (according to the assistant of Achim Remling - better known as Achim Petry in Germany).[better source needed]

Their song "Only Love" was also covered by Cantopop artist Jacky Cheung under the name "愛下去" ("May love continue"). Another song "Miss You Finally" was covered by Cantopop artist Eason Chan under the name "終於一百日" ("A hundred days finally").


Studio albums
  • 1997: Another Time Another Place (GER: #26)[1]
  • 2002: Miss You Finally... The Very Best of Trademark
  • 1997: I'll Be the One (GER: #95)[2]
  • 1997: I'm Not Supposed...
  • 2000: Amazed
  • 2000: Only Love


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