Traffic Broadcasting System

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Traffic Broadcasting System (tbs)
Type Broadcast radio and
Country South Korea
Availability National
Owner Seoul Metropolitan Government
Key people
Sung Kyung-Hwan President
Launch date
1990 (radio); 2005 (cable television & DMB)
Official website
Official Website
Korean name
Hangul 교통방송
Hanja 韓國放送
Revised Romanization Kyo-tong Bangsong
McCune–Reischauer Kyo'tong Pangsong

Traffic Broadcasting System (tbs) (Korean: 교통방송, Kyotong Bangsong) is a Korean television and radio network about traffic in Seoul Capital Area.

This TV Station is run by Seoul Metropolitan Government and televises general news, informaiotns, documenteries, sports about Seoul

Especially, K League football matches with FC Seoul are very popular among viewers.

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