Training for Utopia

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Training for Utopia
Origin Sacramento, California, US
Genres Metalcore, mathcore
Years active 1996–2000
Labels Solid State, Tooth & Nail
Associated acts Demon Hunter, Focal Point, The Deadlines
Past members Ryan Clark
Don Clark
Steve Saxby
Morley Boyer
Rob Dennler
Carlos Colón

Training for Utopia (TFU) was a metalcore band which existed from 1996–2000.[1] The band first signed with Tooth & Nail Records and was later moved to Solid State Records, the Tooth & Nail imprint that promotes heavy Christian music. Training for Utopia subsequently became popular in the Christian metal scene during its active years, although its music was not specifically religious.

Their brief existence included a tour with Zao and at the time the upcoming band Spitfire. It was during this time that the band hired Carlos Colón (later to join The Deadlines) for their 1998 tour providing synthesizers & live guitar to their live show. Immediately following the tour Carlos left the band to pursue other aspirations. After a temporary hiatus the band returned with their second full length "Throwing a Wrench into the American Music Machine". After a small tour of the material the band disbanded.

At the demise of Training for Utopia, members Ryan (formerly of Focal Point) and Don Clark announced that they were starting a new project called The American Spectator which never was realized. Don and Ryan Clark started "Asterik Studio" in Seattle, a graphic design shop where they completed many projects, including album artwork for former label-mates. In 2000, they founded the Christian metal band Demon Hunter.



Other personnel[edit]

Don Clark has stated that Training for Utopia originally began with musician Rob Dennler as its lead vocalist, though Dennler was replaced by Ryan Clark before the band recorded its first demo.[citation needed]

Carlos Colon (later to join The Deadlines) briefly played with the band during its 1998 tour with Zao playing synthesizers for their live shows.


Title Release date Notes Label
The Falling Cycle EP 1997-07-29 Tooth & Nail
Plastic Soul Impalement 1998-03-03
Split EP 1998-08-18 Split with Zao Solid State
Throwing a Wrench into the American Music Machine 1999-11-02
Technical Difficulties 2004-04-20 Best of


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